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Digital Marketing Strategy

In todays market, everybody is familiar with the use of internet to publicize and sell their products and concept. It can be millions and trillions of website out there snowing each potential customer with information that can lure them to ultimately purchase the product and concept.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO has become a household word in this time and age where everyone is able to have their own website. However, how many of us actually understand what SEO means and how it works? Search Engine Optimization is the art of optimizing one’s website to be more accessible to search engines and improve organic traffic growth.

Web Design & Development

Modern consumers spend a lot of time online, they make pre-purchase research online about products and services. Being a modern business, having an online presence has become a necessity, and not a luxury anymore if you are to tap into all this online traffic. As a forward thinking business owner, you will know the importance of having a professionally designed website as your Online Presence. We at Seraph Studios will be able to help you set up a professionally looking website that will help drive new business leads.

Social Media Marketing

Back in the 70s, when the idea of social marketing was born, it was based on the principle to influence social behavior, it is a concept to benefit the target audience and the overall community. Today in our fast paced society, marketers now use the power of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, forums etc to spread the news and influence consumers buying urge.

Email Marketing

We all know the Internet operates at light speed. Imagine you can place information in the palm of your customers with the click of a button. Today’s technology brings information to customers fingertips with the convenience smartphones and tablets, emails can now be received and read on the go by consumers, further increasing the reach of email marketing.

Web Presence Management & Support

Web Presence used to be simple brochure sites with several pages of static content, not anymore. Today, Web Presence consists of websites, social media and search rankings. The tools to build and maintain your business website and social media may have become common place, but the complexity of these tools have also evolved into complex systems that require technical know-how to manage. An outdated and static website or social media channel is not popular with Google or search engines and can severely affect your website’s search rankings, Seraph Studios can help manage and keep your website and social media channgles updated.