Email Marketing

Email MarketingWe all know the Internet operates at light speed. Imagine you can place information in the palm of your customers with the click of a button. Today’s technology brings information to customers fingertips with the convenience smartphones and tablets, emails can now be received and read on the go by consumers, further increasing the reach of email marketing.

Email marketing, though considered a legacy marketing technique by today’s standards, is still a viable one, as it is affordable mass marketing that goes direct to your target customer’s inbox. You may send a wide array of creative marketing to customers such as coupons, newsletters, quizzes, downloads and surveys to help generate interest in your brand and generate customer loyalty.

Used correctly you will get satisfactory results, however if used incorrectly, you may annoy customers and trigger them to mark your email address as spam. It is with this concern that you engage the right person for the job, as Email Marketing is an art that requires tactful execution and strategies in order to be effective.

Recognizing this, Seraph Studios provides an extensive program to help your marketing strategy using email.

  • Develop a marketing campaign strategy that fits to the culture of your business.
  • Structure and categorize your customer database and email address.
  • Develop and employ tools to track important information such as the number of subscriptions, and identify the links and emails that generate the most responses.
  • Build attractive HTML newsletters to build customer loyalty.
  • Build personalzied relationships with customers by sending seasons greetings, birthday greetings etc.
  • Develope attractive headlines that capture eyeball attention and create the urge to read the content of the sent emails.

Contact us now, we will help send meaningful and targeted emails to your target market.