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Learning Online Marketing with eUsahawan


In the spirit of continuous learning, we at Seraph Studios are constantly learning, re-learning and improving our skills. Experience has told us that there is always something to learn no matter how basic or advanced the content presented is, and so with an open mind we have registered for the eUsahawan Internet Marketing level 1 class. This day was a day where we took learning online marketing with an open mind in order to allow maximum learning capacity.

The closest venue available for the latest Penang session was at UiTM Permatang Pauh. It’s always exciting to visit a new place, and it was a nice campus with adequate facilities.

It was a full day course which covered the following topics:

  • Facebook for Business
  • Instagram for Business
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Copywriting Techniques
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Trend & Google Keyword
  • Facebook Ads

It sure was a lot of topics to be covered in roughly 8 hours and the coach of the day, coach Devi was not only concise and straight to the point but also related the various techniques to real-life uses, which made learning online marketing easy for the participants.

Seraph Studios - eUsahawan Level 1

It was quite a big class, with nearly 50 participants coming from all walks of life and age groups. Age is definitely not a deterrent when it comes to internet marketing if one has the heart to pick-it-up. Truth be told, one can no longer afford to ignore online marketing in this time and age, be it for personal branding, or marketing your business, most of the promotion activities are now taking place online.

We may not realize it, but we have been involved in marketing from the day we were born, from trying to get our parents attention, to trying to be friends with that popular kid in school and finally to trying to secure employment at the most up and coming company in town. Everyone has been marketing themselves and we continue to do so whether we realize it or not. Some people may have more success at it while others are simply not excelling at it, hence the need for marketers and personal branding coaches and if you’re more of a DIY person, online marketing training courses like the series of training courses provided by MDEC’s eUsahawan initiative.

Seraph Studios - eUsahawan Level 1

It was a very hands-on one day course as coach Devi walked us through various steps to setup the tools needed for Facebook marketing, Whatsapp marketing as well as basic SEO keyword research. Even though it was more of a beginner class, but there are some key take-aways for the Seraph Studios team. We certainly look forward to attending the higher level classes as and when they are available, oh we forgot to mention that the class is FREE and anyone can sign-up for it at, dates, locations and seats are limited by the way, so it would serve you better if you signed-up early.

Seraph Studios - eUsahawan Level 1

Once again we’d like to extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to MDEC for sponsoring such a meaningful program, as a wise people ensures a strong economy not monopolized by a few large corporations. Learning online marketing is a lifelong journey, as such we can’t thank coach Devi enough for her patience and great sharing of knowledge with the class, definitely a friendly and knowledgeable coach.  It was definitely an enjoyable experience Learning Online Marketing with eUsahawan.

Lastly, do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE consultation, we’d love to discuss possibilities in helping elevate your business to greater heights!

Seraph Studios - eUsahawan Level 1

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