Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingBack in the 70s, when the idea of social marketing was born, it was based on the principle to influence social behavior, it is a concept to benefit the target audience and the overall community. Today in our fast paced society, marketers now use the power of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, forums etc to spread the news and influence consumers buying urge.

The relationship between people and tecchnology has grown more intimate with the introduction of smart phones , and tablets. The widespread adoption of mobile technology has replaced old media marketing techniques such as newspaper ads, flyers, billboards etc. People are now being brought closer than ever to information at light speed.

Today, social media marketing brings forward something which conventional media was not able to do so. Social media marketing brings the advantage of :-

  1. Fostering Brand Awareness
  2. Building relationships between product and consumers
  3. Consumers become part of the marketing department by providing live feedback on social media platforms
  4. Various platforms are interlinked for easy and fast information sharing
  5. Reduce the amount of time wasted in conventional methods of information sharing

However, the power of social marketing can bring ruin to your business if it is not properly excuted and managed. In order to harness the influence social media marketing offers, campaigns have to be properly designed and deployed. Seraph Studios provides the solution for the benefit of your company with the following execution:

  1. COBRAs ( Consumer’s online brand related activities)
  2. eWOM ( Electronic word of mouth)
  3. Consumer to consumer interactions

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