Why you need a website for your business?

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Websites are digital property which you own on the Internet, it is akin to a digital storefront, where visitors can visit, get information about your business, make contact with you and ultimately buy from you.

Many people today, however, do not see the value of having a website for their business, partly due to the ease of setting up social media pages to represent their businesses, or create a FREE website on WordPress or Blogger. 

It is no wonder people would opt to create a Facebook page for their business instead of a website. All this is due to a lack of understanding as well as confusion. 

We first have to be clear on one thing, what are social media platforms, and the FREE platforms that allow you to create websites with no cost at all?

These are all third-party platforms, which provide you Freebies, Freemiums in the hopes of getting something out of you. The exchange could be in the form of personal data, contact information, original content or even a sale of the platform's other products and services. 

The platforms need to cover operation costs as well, as such, nothing is really, actually, totally FREE per se. There is always some form of exchange going on between you and these platform providers, it just might not be obvious to you.

The point we would like to make here is not to discourage you from using these platforms, social media are very good marketing platforms and should be maximized. 

However, it should be used correctly, as a marketing vehicle, and not as the main digital presence for your business. 

"Websites are not just an essential piece, but it is the HEART of any Digital Marketing campaign."

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You need to own your business’ main digital presence, and to do that, your business needs a website; a digital property which you own and have full control over.

The last thing you want is to wake up one day and see changes to the social network’s policies that put a big dent in your businesses’ primary online presence. You do not have to worry about your cyber landlord evicting you someday if you own the digital property to begin with.

Owning a digital property today is simple, all you need is a domain name and webhosting account to start setting up your online presence. By having your own website, you retain full control of your content, design, functions and features. There are no 280-character posting limits, or fixed image sizes.

You can have as many pages of content as you want, and scale your website’s performance and capacity as you grow. By owning your primary web presence, you can leverage the social media network you’ve worked so hard to build up to bring traffic to your website and build authority.

Don’t let years of hard work vaporize overnight because you are not in control of your primary web presence.

Therefore, it is important to own a website as your primary web presence as it will be available 24/7 and can be accessed anywhere in the world. More and more modern businesses already have websites to represent their businesses online, it will be the gateway for your business to the online world and an integral part of your marketing strategy.

You may still argue that having a social media account is as good as having a website as your primary web presence, read our detailed comparison on the importance of websites for businesses to get further clarification.

Seraph Studios - Google officially announced Mobile First Indexing March 26, 2018

Google Loves Responsive Websites

On March 26, 2018, Google has officially announced Mobile First Indexing in their latest algorithm update. This is in response to rising numbers of mobile search.

The graph on the left shows the share of mobile traffic over the years growing steadily

This is a follow up to a move by Google in April 2015 to start rewarding search rankings of websites which were responsive and penalize sites which weren.t. A case study by Blue Corona showed two websites that were hit with a hefty 50% traffic reduction penalty as a result of Google dropping their SEO rankings.

Responsive websites have proven to be easier for users to share, interact with and link to than having a separate mobile website or mobile app. Thus having a responsive website will not only get your website in the good books of Google and other search engines, but it will also result in better Search Engine Rankings as well.

Seraph Studios - Trust

Why trust Seraph Studios with building your website?

Our clients trust us to handle the construction of their most important web presence as they see our commitment and dedication to deliver excellent web design that is also functional.

The team at Seraph Studios understand the importance of our job, we are not just doing web design, we are constructing a winning tool for our clients to compete online. Each website designed is thoughtfully laid out and employs design strategies to convert more visitors into leads and ultimately sales. We ensure our clients are satisfied with the completed website by preparing it with SEO best practices and usability in mind.

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Digital Presence

A professionally designed website that’s ideal as a primary web presence for your business. We will give you the needed training to enable you to update your own content and save costs.

Enhance discoverability


What does a brick and mortar store and website have in common? They're useless if nobody can find them. Search engine optimization (SEO) enhances the discoverability of your website organically.

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A complete e-Commerce solution that allows unlimited products, unrestricted inventory control and multiple payment options gives your business unlimited potential on the online, international market.

Seraph Stuidios - SEO

SEO strategy is integral to the success of your online business and should be considered carefully from the beginning.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for the success of any website, however a lot of clients are unaware of its importance. It is thus our duty to bring clients up to speed on their understanding of SEO, as this would work better when we work together. Having a mutual understanding of the goal we are trying to achieve makes it easy to progress in the same direction throughout the project.

SEO is not new, and there have been service providers offering SEO services with guarantees of ranking on the first page of Google. Many business owners would easily buy into such a guarantee, only to find out later on that only Google can determine who appears on the first page of their search results. If you meet such a service provider in the future, you should first ask them, for which exact keyword or search phrase can they guarantee you to rank first on Google?

Seraph Studios considers SEO an integral part of developing your website. We take into consideration the most popular search phrases for your industry and weave them into your site content, titles, headings and navigation. The result is a cost-efficient website which grows traffic on its own over time.

Carefully think your SEO strategy through from the beginning, and always ask to make it an integral part of developing your website.

Learn about the 20 benefits SEO can bring for your business.

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