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The Ten Commandments of SEO
If you want your business website or blog to rank high in the SERPs (search engine result pages), then you need to follow these SEO commandments. There are ten of them, and if you adhere to all of them, then you will see your website or blog start climbing up the rankings on the SERPs. In this blog post, we will go over all ten of the SEO commandments so that you can start putting these SEO best practices into practice and see results.
The 11 reasons how Chatbots can help your Marketing
In emergency situations, we typically scramble for instant answers to solve the problem at-hand.  Chatbots would be able to respond immediately, even though there are hundreds of other people chatting with the bot at the moment, rest assured that you will get a response from the chatbot. Find out how chatbots can help your business.
9 proven benefits of social media marketing
Social Media Marketing does more than just drive traffic to your website. If done properly, it can increase your overall business recognition and greatly expose your brand to an even wider audience. If you’re still not doing it, your competitors most certainly are, let’s go through some of the proven benefits you stand to gain from implementing Social Media Marketing in your business.
10 undeniable reasons why email marketing still matters today
Email, perhaps the most anticipated digital document in the early days of the Internet. You’d login to the Internet via your 56k modem, and after a series of “connection buzzes” you’re connected to the Internet and see the wonderful notification message pop-up, ‘You’ve Got Mail’. We used to love our email, reading every mail that […]
10 unmistaken reasons search engine marketing benefits your business
Search Engine Marketing may seem like a very broad term; however, it has now come to mean paid search ads. The most common and popular search ad platform is probably Google Adwords. These days there are a lot of other options, such as Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, and let’s not forget the second largest search engine Youtube, which also allows advertising now.
23 undeniable benefits of SEO copywriting for your business website
Search engines are getting more intelligent, and the results which they show are getting more accurate with each new update. Leverage the power of search engines by optimizing your page for maximum visibility with SEO copywriting.
The 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Marketing
Have you just taken on a digital marketing role and are tasked to promote the company's brand, market all available products and build a community on social media? Or perhaps you are a solopreneur and are the one-man army of your business.   No matter which situation you are in, digital marketing is a great […]
4 Qualities Every Great Online Store Has In Common
Online retail is a lucrative business. Major brands, niche communities and side hustles have all found success in the world of ecommerce. If you can manage your online store in the right way, you can have a serious money-maker on your hands. What is the key to a stunning store that won’t shut its virtual […]
Cloud Storage Solution of The Future
Data storage used to be an expensive aspect of computing. Ten years ago, Terabyte(TB) storage drives were only accessible to the wealthy or huge organizations. But times have changed and now TB storage is practically accessible to everyone at affordable prices. Over the years there been multiple cloud storage solutions, I still remember when Dropbox […]
7 ways FREE email hosting can hurt your business
Email has been around for decades. Even with the emergence of other communication channels such as direct messengers, mobile messengers etc. email remains relevant and an important communication tool for business. Email is usually the primary channel businesses communicate with their customers. This makes email a big deal. This also means that you should not […]
7 easy steps to increase your traffic through Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO has been in existence since the dawn of search engines. Some covet it, some think it's all mumbo-jumbo that doesn't work. The true believers have done something right and experienced positive results with SEO, while the non-believers probably haven't done SEO the right way and thus have […]
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