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A Guide To Use Google's 'How-To' Structured Data
Google's latest update on its 'How-to' structured data markup is worth taking note of if you produce lots of 'How-to' content. Learn how to leverage Google's latest guidelines to it's 'How-to' structured data markup to avoid some common mistakes and make your page eligible to appear as a rich result in Google search. You may […]
How to build a Low Cost Digital Marketing funnel that's Evergreen?
Six more months and it will be the year 2020, a year of vision for Malaysia that has been promoted decades ago. Technology has advanced so much that the world is a much smaller place today, with the Internet almost everyone is connected in some way online. Seeing all the advancement in technology, with modern […]
SEO Tester Online Review
Living in the Digital Age is a blessing for most of us, especially the small businesses as it gives the little guy a fighting chance against the Goliaths in the industry. Every business needs a website today, but sadly not every business has one yet, those who resist the digital wave are destined to slowly […]
SEO Audit Report Comparison
Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is a vital and essential step for any website if you intend to rank high in search engines, not just Google, but any available search engine out there. The task of optimizing one's site is daunting and strikes fear to many website owners. Many people don't even […]
Web Security Conscious Digital Marketing Agency
Web security is often overlooked by small business owners, bloggers and personal website owners. That is, until they find something wrong with their website, such as loading funny text, redirecting to other sites (usually porn sites), or the site just doesn't load anymore. Sometimes it's more of a prank or just some random hacker trying […]
The Digital Landscape 2019 – Malaysia
Global summary  We live in the golden age of marketing. Why you may ask? To date, the global population is at 7.676 Billion people, of which 67% are unique mobile users while 57% are Internet users. Now let’s not forget that there are easily 3.484 active social media users.  I’m not sure about you, but […]
What it means to go viral - The potential of Social Media
We’ve heard the term time and time again, ‘it’s going viral!’. The common understanding is that a certain piece of content (articles, video, audio, multimedia etc.) is getting a lot of attention and is being widely popularized, shared and talked about online. As all things, the feeling is different when you are looking in compared […]
Facebook Messenger, Instagram And Whatsapp Integration
Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook will be integrating the three major messaging services under their banner – Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.  The integration announcement has reported to cause some major movements internally, seeing Whatsapp founders, Brian Acton and Jan Koum as well as Instagram founders, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom to unexpectedly leave Facebbook in 2018. The apps are reported to continue […]
What Makes A Website Design Great?
Beautiful Designs Matter Humans are visual creatures, and the first experience visitors experience when they come to your site is the “look and feel” of your website design. We process visual stimulus 60,000 times faster than text, as a result, people form first impressions of your business in less than 0.05 seconds based on your […]
The Importance of Websites in the Social Media Age for SMEs
Which would you prefer if you were given the choice of renting a room against owning your own home? That is the significant difference which we will be discussing today between using social media for business vs owning your own business or corporate website. Today we will be looking at the importance of websites for […]
Learning Online Marketing with eUsahawan
In the spirit of continuous learning, we at Seraph Studios are constantly learning, re-learning and improving our skills. Experience has told us that there is always something to learn no matter how basic or advanced the content presented is, and so with an open mind we have registered for the eUsahawan Internet Marketing level 1 class.
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