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Do you feel overwhelmed by the many aspects of digital marketing?

We are here to hand-hold you along your digital marketing journey, are you ready for an adventure that will bring your business closer to achieving the success you envisioned? Let's get started! 

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First, form your digital marketing party

You will need different skills to be successful in digital marketing.

Start by recruiting a web designer, copywriter, graphic designer, web developer, SEO expert, social media marketer and digital advertising expert.

Seraph Studios has all the expertise you need for your digital marketing team under one roof.

Seraph Studios - Form your marketing team
Seraph Studios - Start planning your digital marketing journey

Start planning your digital marketing journey

Once your team is assembled, it's time to start planning what you want to achieve with digital marketing.

Our team will hand-hold you through the process and make sure requirements, objectives and information is gathered correctly.

Formulate your digital marketing strategy

Now that we understand what you intend to achieve with your business, our team will formulate a strategy together with you.

We will plan your website, social media profiles, content marketing strategy and much more.

Seraph Studios - Formulate your digital marketing strategy
Seraph Studios - Set up your online presence

Set up your online presence

Your digital marketing adventure begins now. Start by setting up your key online presence:

  • Website
  • Social media channels

Web design, web development, domain registration, web hosting, and social media channel setup done for you according to your brand and business requirements.

Craft your marketing content and optimize it for search engines

Your adventure now reaches the creation and optimization stage.

Having a website does not guarantee you will be found online. Not without the right content and proper optimization.

Our team of copywriters and search engine specialists creates targeted content based on detailed keyword research to form content clusters, and answer frequently asked questions by your target audience.

Seraph Studios - Craft your content and optimize it for search engines
Seraph Studios - Execute your digital marketing strategy

Execute your unique digital marketing strategy

We understand that every business is unique and needs its own unique approach to marketing. That is why the marketing strategy we execute for you will be yours and yours alone, tailor-made to fit your specific needs and objectives.

You may need social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing or perhaps chatbot marketing. Whatever your needs, we have it covered.

Continue to achieve success for your business

A well executed marketing strategy leads to business success in the long run and this is where your adventure will lead to.

Analytics and reporting helps us keep track of progress and make sure results are achieved.

Seraph Studios - Build a successful business

What are people saying about us?

  • Seraph Studios - Maxtekopto
    Rebecca Weng
    跟Seraph Studios 已經不是第一次合作了, 兩次的合作經驗都很好, Johnathan 對網站的設計美感很有見地, 針對客戶的要求都可以完成並且適時的提供建議, 不僅擁有技術更有審美眼光, 整個網站的建構過程中, 溝通的很順暢, 網站很順利地完成了, 如果下次再有需要相關的服務, 一定會再找Seraph Studios.
    Seraph Studios - Gilbert Goh
    Gilbert Goh
    Seraph Studios is a hidden gem in Penang when it comes to digital marketing and web design. I highly recommend Seraph Studios in appreciation of their continuous efforts to meet and go beyond my expectations.
  • Seraph Studios - Hooi Boon Soo
    Hooi Boon Soo
    I have worked with Seraph Studios on several occasions. Due to their excellent service and quality output, I have come back to them time and time again for various design services.
    Seraph Studios - Ivan
    我找Seraph studio帮我设计logo和网页。做的网页设计非常简单又好看,本人非常喜欢。最重要价钱也公道。
  • Seraph Studios - InTouch Journeys logo design
    Cindy Zuspan
    I have worked with Seraph Studios on several occasions. Due to their excellent service and quality output, I have come back to them time and time again for various design services.
    Seraph Studios - Stephen Yip - Director - Living3D
    Stephen Yip
    Seraph Studios was fast and responsive in delivering solutions customized to my business needs. I'm impressed how they even do it.

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