23 undeniable benefits of SEO copywriting for your business website

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1) SEO copywriting pulls in quality leads

We want to pull relevant traffic to our website, as these will most probably turn out to be quality leads which have a higher chance at conversion. Which is why organic search engine traffic is the best traffic. You may ask why? 

It’s simple, because these people are already searching for the term which your content is ranking for. When people search for specific terms, it means they are looking for a solution, and your business can provide the solution for them. This works way better than “pushing” out advertisements asking people to buy from you.

2) SEO copywriting can decrease acquisition cost

The cost of SEO is significantly lower than running paid ads, thus decreasing acquisition cost per customer. You could even say that SEO is FREE if you have the experience and know-how to implement it yourself. 

Otherwise the only cost you incur for doing SEO is hiring a trustworthy SEO agency to help grow your rankings.

3) SEO copywriting traffic is more relevant and have higher chances to convert

As mentioned above, by putting out good content with a well-thought-out SEO strategy, we are able to pull more relevant traffic to your business website. Traffic which reaches your website via SEO strategies are more likely to convert as the audience fits your website content. 

This also means that there’s an intent in the search, an intent to look for a service or product to solve their problem, and your website fit their search intent. So, the likelihood for conversion for traffic with intent is exceptionally high compared to traffic which came from a paid advertisement.

4) SEO copywriting is more cost-effective than paid advertising in the long term

We’re in business for the long-term, and unless you are a multi-million-dollar company, you probably don’t have the marketing budget to put out paid advertising for the long term. Your best bet then is to pull traffic to your business website instead of pushing out ads. 

Having well written SEO copy will give you a cost-effective long-term traffic magnet which can last you years without additional cost once the content has been put up. We think it’s a no-brainer.

5) SEO copywriting results last longer

As mentioned above, the content on your website lasts a long time. A well written piece can last several years and keep pulling in relevant traffic, giving you consistent results over a longer period of time. If you are out for long lasting results, then your best bet is to get your website content search engine optimized.

6) SEO copywriting increases your website visibility

Google loves content, but there’s one thing Google loves even more, relevant and optimized content. Google has a reputation to maintain, as such they are stringent in filtering and matching relevant content to searchers. Imagine Google giving you irrelevant search results every time you searched for something, chances are you won’t be using Google anymore. 

The only way for you to pass the Google or any search engine’s test is by putting out well-crafted search engine optimized content. This will help search engine spiders to crawl and index your website as accurately as possible, and subsequently serve your website as relevant search results in your industry.

7) SEO copywriting improves your overall online marketing ROI

Having good SEO content on your website will help improve your overall online marketing efforts. Be it social media or SEM, you will see an overall improvement in your online marketing ROI as any complementing marketing activity will serve to support and push your rankings even higher. 

Good SEO copy can be tweaked and re-used in social media and other marketing channels, which will then point back to your website, thus increasing the results of your overall online marketing effort.

8) SEO copywriting is growing in importance

We know that Google updates their algorithm often, sometimes it’s to tackle some unscrupulous black hat practices, but oftentimes it’s to improve overall user experience. 

The only sure-fire safe way to stay in Google’s good books is to produce killer content which is search engine optimized. Killer content needs to be relevant to the search term you want to rank for as well, as such there is still no avoiding SEO-ing your copywriting.

9) SEO copywriting helps build your brand

Good SEO Copywriting not only gives users relevant content that’s helpful, it also helps to build your brand. Users who frequently find your web page in their search results will tend to remember your brand more easily. Having good SEO copy will increase the repetitive appearance of your brand in the search results for your target audience and thus helps to build brand retention in them.

10) SEO copywriting helps increase rankings on SERP (search engine results page)

Search engine results pages (SERPs) will always try to serve the most relevant search results to the user. By optimizing your content for your target keywords, you increase the chances of search engines serving your web page as a relevant search result. 

As more users click-through to your web page, search engines will see that your web page is more relevant than the one above and increase your ranking over-time. Having good SEO copy will eventually land your website on the front-page of major search engine results.

11) SEO copywriting helps grow your business internationally

The Internet or World Wide Web as its name suggests, is meant to be inter-national or world-wide. We are fortunate to live in this era, as we now have the means to penetrate global markets while operating from our home country. 

If your site has good, relevant and optimized content, then it has the potential to not only reach local markets, but international markets as well. The only limit you have is by not taking action to do SEO properly.

12) SEO copywriting helps guide your long-term internet marketing strategy

As mentioned previously, we are in business for the long-term, as such we would need a long-term marketing plan. Now equipped with the knowledge on the importance of SEO, let SEO concepts guide your long-term marketing strategies. 

Either plan your marketing strategies around your SEO strategy or vice-versa, if you already have tons of good, relevant and optimized content, why not use it in your marketing strategy? 

Conversely, create relevant content to complement a new marketing strategy, all with the conscious decision to SEO your newly created content so that it brings relevant traffic for your marketing campaign.

13) SEO copywriting increases brand authority and trust

We mentioned earlier how you can build your brand with SEO copywriting. What do you think happens if people keep finding relevant content and solutions on your business website? 

They begin to trust your brand, even the search engines will start to recognize your brand authority in your industry. The key is to keep putting out good, relevant and optimized content.

14) SEO copywriting improves user experience on your website

We all want a good user experience when surfing the web, but are we providing users who visit our websites a good user experience? Often times we are met with irrelevant content or a badly designed website, or both.

 Now, with a nicely designed website, your next step would be to provide relevant content to your users. To achieve that, you need to make sure your content is optimized for the relevant search terms users will search for. 

Doing this will ensure search engines refer relevant traffic to your website, and subsequently have a good experience going through your content.

15) SEO copywriting can impact the buying ccycle

As consumers, we do our research online these days before making a purchase. The same goes to your customers, they are most likely doing research before deciding to purchase your products or services. 

Knowing this, it is a good opportunity for you to impact your customers buying cycle by using well written copy to convert them.

16) SEO copywriting is a long-term strategy

SEO is a long-term strategy, taking as long as 6 – 12 months to see significant rankings. However, once you make it up to the top of the rankings, you rarely go back down. 

The only reason your rankings would drop is either due to SEO competition or a major change in the Google algorithm. 

So, take your time and build a steady foundation of optimized content, this will solidify your position more easily compared to any black hat techniques.

17) SEO copywriting is trackable and quantifiable

The major benefit of online marketing is that everything you do is trackable and quantifiable, try putting up a billboard and ask your agency for statistics and conversion rates and you will be greeted with a blank stare. 

Data is crucial in the digital age, it can be the determining factor to steer your business in the right direction, or continue to sail blindly in the digital ocean and hope you don’t hit a digital ice-berg. 

Rest assured though, all your well-thought-out SEO copy can be tracked and quantified, giving you insights into your users and enabling you to make more educated business decisions.

18) SEO copywriting helps protect your online reputation

Building a brand may be tough, however maintaining a good online reputation is even more vital to preserve a positive brand image. 

Well-crafted SEO copy ensures that your online reputation is protected, as you are assured that the content you put out are not only positive, but relevant to searchers.

19) SEO copywriting lets you get ahead of your competition

The digital age is an age of opportunity; however, it is also an age of action and speed. Those who take action first will get ahead of the competition, while the non-action takers will be left in the dust. 

There are still plenty of opportunity, as many businesses are still ether deciding whether to get on the bandwagon or in the transition stage. 

It is time to take action quickly to build up a solid foundation of SEO copy for your business website and stay ahead of your competition.

20) SEO copywriting allows you to optimize for local search

Google updates their algorithm often, and one such update sees Google placing more importance on local search. 

The Google Venice update, for instance, made it critical for businesses to have a dedicated landing page for each of the locations they service and optimize the page with the relevant keyword combination. 

It is obvious the importance of having to optimize your content in order to put out relevant information to your users.

21) SEO copywriting provides insight into your customers

We mentioned previously that SEO copy is trackable and quantifiable as it is a webpage and there’s a ton of data you can collect about your users. 

You can track how long the user spent on your page, where do they exit to. This gives a lot of insight into the behavior of your users, which gives you vital signals as to which content is popular, allowing you to tweak your SEO and content strategy instantly. 

This is just touching the surface of the amount of data you are able to collect about your users, and in the digital age, knowledge is power.

22) SEO copywriting integrates and improves your overall online marketing mix

Well written copy can be quickly tweaked and used in other forms and media, what more if it is search engine optimized content. 

You can integrate your marketing mix with SEO copy and spread the SEO goodness over to your social media channels and email marketing with some minor tweaks to adapt the content to the medium.

23) SEO copywriting provides trusted search results compared to paid advertising

Let’s face it, people generally do not trust advertisements. We all know that SERPs have advertisements on the top and right of the page, would you rather click on an advertisement or an organic search result? 

Our guess would be that the majority of people will click on the organic result instead of the advertisement, and the only way to appear on the top of SERPs is to have good, relevant and optimized content on your website.

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