Google's latest update on its 'How-to' structured data markup is worth taking note of if you produce lots of 'How-to' content.

Learn how to leverage Google's latest guidelines to it's 'How-to' structured data markup to avoid some common mistakes and make your page eligible to appear as a rich result in Google search.

You may be puzzled and ask what is this 'how-to' structured data? Well it is one of the many types of Google Snippets which marks-up your content and tells Google that this piece of content is a 'How-to' article.

The reason you'd want to have rich snippets set up properly is because Google has rich results on the search engine results pages (SERPs) which shows more content in unique layouts to suit each type of rich result.

In this article we are specifically looking at the 'How-to' structured data as such we will only show how the rich results for it will look like.

Below is an example of how your content may appear in a 'How-to' rich result. This is a basic text based layout and a more visual variant may be displayed if your how-to content contains an image for each step.

Google 'How-to' structured data rich results
Text based How-to rich results

This next example is a how-to page with images for each step. Users are able to see a preview of the how-to with a carousel of images for each step.

Google 'How-to' structured data rich results
Step-by-step How-to rich results

You will need to follow Google's latest guideline to make your page eligible to appear in the SERPs as a rich result.

We have made a summary of what has been added to the new Google guidelines for the 'How-to' structured data below:

Marking Up the 'How-to' Structured Data Steps

Things to avoid when Marking Up Steps

Below are some content guidelines from the updated Google guidelines for quick reference:

*Content guidelines sourced from Google's 'How-'to' guidelines page. View the full Google 'How'to' Markup Guide here.

If you are using WordPress, you can easily setup Google Snippets with the RankMath plugin.

Seraph  Studios - Rankmath Rich Snippets
Rank Math Supported Rich Snippets

Currently RankMath supports multiple types of Rich Snippet Markup which includes the following:

It is unfortunate though that RankMath does not currently support the 'How-to' rich snippet, but after communicating with them, they have confirmed that they will be adding the 'How-to' snippet in the future to RankMath.

So until that happens you will have to do it the 'hard way' if you really need to make use of this snippet.

You can download the RankMath plugin directly from their website or install it right from your WordPress Dashboard. Just go to Plugins > Add New and type in RankMath in the search bar and search for the plugin.

That's all for this simple guide on using the Google 'How-to' structured data, we hope you've found it useful. Do follow us on social media to get more information and sharing on digital marketing, seo, and web design.

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