About Us

Seraph Studios was established as a Penang web design service provider with an aim to provide a total web presence solution to local as well as international clients. Having 10 years of experience in web and graphic design as well as digital and social media marketing, our goal is to help striving businesses particularly the local SMEs to stay competitive in this fast growing world of technology.

With IoT (Internet of Things) taking center stage in recent years, the future of business competitiveness lies in having a compete web presence to complement a creative and memorable brand. The elements of a future-proof business consists of the following:

  1. Branding & Design
  2. Total Web Presence
  3. Digital Marketing Strategy
  4. Responsive Website with recognizable branding and catchy URL (web address)
  5. Social Media Presence on relevant channels
  6. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for better reach and visibility on search engines
  7. Search Engine Marketing(SEM) for cost effective and far reaching advertising and brand exposure
  8. Email Marketing to reach and re market to prospects
  9. Content Marketing to increase website value and web traffic
  10. Performance Monitoring via web analytics to optimize digital marketing strategies and create effective campaigns

Seraph Studios stays on the forefront of web technology with the support of a passionate and skilled team to help your business achieve it’s maximum potential leveraging on the latest web technology and strategies.