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About us

Seraph Studios is a digital designer, digital marketer, content creator and creative business professional living in Penang, Malaysia.

We love helping businesses transform digitally and flourish in a rapidly evolving digital world. Specializing in web design & development, digital marketing and creative content creation, we have the passion to use our creativity and digital technologies to create business solutions which build emotional bonds between consumers and your brands through the digital web.

What we do

Website design and development
E-commerce solutions
digital marketing
Graphic Design
Logo design

About seraph studios

Seraph Studios began as the brainchild and vision of a single individual back in 2004 and has grown since then to include a team of creative thinkers and problem solvers. We have expertise in branding, digital marketing and social media management, digital design and creative content creation, allowing us to better meet the multi-faceted needs of clients today.

The company has since launched various new digital services which will complement and enhance our existing web design and maintenance packages, making our solutions suit the current market trends and requirements.

Our goal

We empower your business with a beautifully designed website complemented by the latest in communication and marketing technology. You can focus your attention on running your business while maximizing on the latest digital and web technologies provided by us.

Our Belief

Web presence is not just about a beautifully designed website, instead, it is a culmination of digital marketing strategy. In order to be successful in your digital marketing, the basic components need to be in place, for each plays a vital role. That’s why we always emphasize the importance of having at least a well-designed website that does justice to your brand and business.

Our advantage

We are at the fore-front of digital technology, keeping ourselves updated with the latest technology developments and market trends. As such, we are able to provide your business meaningful advice and direction to meet the ever-changing digital landscape. Our solutions are tailored to meet three important aspects of your business; your business goals, target audience and digital marketing strategy.
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