Data storage used to be an expensive aspect of computing. Ten years ago, Terabyte(TB) storage drives were only accessible to the wealthy or huge organizations. But times have changed and now TB storage is practically accessible to everyone at affordable prices.

Over the years there been multiple cloud storage solutions, I still remember when Dropbox first came out, it was a dream come true! Online storage started to extend the physical storage capacity we had on our desktops/laptops. The best part? There's usually a free tier where 5GB to 10GB of free storage accounts were given away, and you could progressively earn more by doing certain tasks such as introducing friends etc. (Note: this was only necessary if you could not afford a paid subscription based account or are too stingy to part with your money monthly for a larger capacity.)

Then slowly more options became available as competitors started to jump in on the bandwagon. We started to see Google Cloud Storage, then Microsoft came out with their OneDrive Storage to name a few bigger players. There are probably hundreds more cloud storage services out in the cloud, some less well known, some have limitations such as cold storage without the ability to share files etc.

Still people used physical storage drives, as it was the low-cost storage solution of choice for many. Compared to having to pay an annual subscription of say $200 for a 1TB cloud drive, physical drives were still more cost effective. However, even though physical storage drives are great and easy to use, but you can't access it from anywhere in the world unless you bring the drive with you.

Also they were vulnerable to getting corrupted and aren't exactly shock resistant if you're carrying them around. Though, to be fair, the newer portable hard drives are a bit more hardy and can take a bump or two, but failure rates are still there.

Now I believe the cost of storage is probably not the biggest issue we face today, but rather it is the ability to sync all the files in one central location where it is easy to access. Raise your hand if you are guilty of having multiple cloud storage accounts with various cloud storage services. The average person would probably have a Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive account in addition to the mess of files and folders on their desktops, laptops, phones, tablets etc...

To date, no cloud storage service provider had ever thought of bringing it all together, syncing the various different online storage accounts into one powerful cloud storage solution. Not until now, yes, today we'd like to introduce you to Publist. We dare say that Publist is the cloud storage solution of the future, and for good reason.

Who is Publist?

The Publist team consists of it's two founders:

Seraph Studios - Publist CEO, Will Haering

Will Haering, CEO and Founder

Will Haering is an entrepreneur, advocate, and developer working to change the way we do work in the cloud. He previously attended Phillips Exeter Academy. He's worked with the Precision Engineering Research Group at MIT, built software at TetraScience, Symphony Commerce, Restocks, and StratoDem Analytics, and volunteered as a founding director at the Project for Better Journalism. He recently worked on simplifying news distribution with Perigraph and is now building a desktop in the cloud at Publist.

Ben Chappell, Head of Growth

Ben Chappell is an entrepreneur, growth marketer, and sales person working on changing the way people manage their files. Ben has previously founded a newsletter and chatroom for day traders, worked on a decentralized solution for the carbon trade with Bit-C2 technologies, and has consulted for Synstream Energy, a public mining and natural gas company. Ben is now the Head of Growth at Publist where he aims to show people how to centralize their cloud files and workflows.

Seraph Studios - Publist Chief Growth Officer, Ben Chappel
Seraph Studios - Publist logo

Enter Publist, a cloud desktop storage solution that features file-syncing services to connect all your OneDrive, Google Drive, Drop Box and other cloud storage accounts.

The founders vision for Publist is a window into all your cloud files, bridging your desktop and cloud data.

The end goal of Publist is to become the first universal cloud file system:

Publist's major functions

Cloud Storage Solution for Desktop and Cloud Files

Seraph Studios - Publist storage for desktop or cloud files

The most basic function of Publist is as a cloud storage solution. This is pretty straightforward where you can upload files for archiving to clear up precious hard disk space. It can also serve as your backup drive in case those fragile spinning-discs fail you when you most need them.

The interesting thing about Publist is it allows you to connect to external storage providers such as Amazon S3. Google Cloud Storage, Digital Ocean Spaces, Encrypted Drives, Backblaze B2 are coming soon.

Application connections

Seraph Studios - Publist app connection

Next we come to the main highlight of Publist, connecting and syncing to third party apps. As of this writing, they have a pretty good selection of apps which you can connect to which include the following:

Seraph Studios - Publist app connection

Besides the 12 available apps which you can connect to currently, they have an even more extensive list of apps that will be added in the near future. Among these apps are the following:

Seraph Studios - Publist app connection
Seraph Studios - Publist app connection
Seraph Studios - Publist app connection

Syncing files between applications

The whole idea of Publist was to help people organize their files and folders from various sources in one central location. As we've seen above, this is achievable with the many apps which can be connected and synced with Publist. Seriously this cloud storage solution can only get more powerful once more integrations are made available. As it is now, it is already very powerful, allowing you to connect to major cloud drives such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Hyper-Collaborative Apps Suite

Seraph Studios - Publist hyper collaborative apps

Other than the various file-syncing services and cloud storage services provided by Publist, there is also a Hyper-Collaborative Apps Suite that is akin to Microsoft's 365 Office Apps and Google Docs. The suite consists of:

Data Visualization

Seraph Studios - Publist data visualization

In addition to the awesome apps listed above, you will also be able to use Publist to visualize various data through a cloud-native file system that allows the storage and analytics of customer data.

This feature may not seem important to most of us but it will definitely come in handy when the need arises, you will how convenient it is to be able to access your data from anywhere in the world at any time.

Our experience with Publist

So we've gone through what Publist is and what can be expected from them in the future. However how does it perform in reality some of you may ask.

We've got you covered there as we will talk a little bit about our experience with Publist so far.

Our experience using the platform so far has been pretty positive. It was easy to setup and connect external cloud storage services we have such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

It's also fairly easy and straightforward to copy or link files and folders from say OneDrive over to your Publist drive. The implementation may not be perfect yet but the founders are making improvements on a daily basis.

For example, when we first started on the platform about two weeks ago there was no option to copy or link your files and folders, and it was just copy by default. However, after feedback from the community, the feature to just link was added in a few days time.

Customer support is also responsive as responses are received fairly quickly for a startup and the founders themselves are answering the questions at the moment.

It's also comforting to know that they are backed up by venture capitalists, which means they have money to keep them going for the long term.

The best part is they are having an offer over on Pitchground now with a Life Time Deal you can't resist.

If you'd like to find out more about the Publist deal then you may visit the Publist deal page on Pitchground, the deal won't last forever so best to grab them while they're available to avoid unnecessary regret once it is over.

If all the functions and features don't interest you, it is still well worth the money to have a life time online storage solution compared to having to pay monthly subscriptions for a cloud storage drive.

You can also check out their roadmap to understand more on where Publist is headed and what to expect next.

We hope you found this review to be helpful and informative. Do share it to people whom you think may benefit from this review. Until the next one.

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