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Web security is often overlooked by small business owners, bloggers and personal website owners. That is, until they find something wrong with their website, such as loading funny text, redirecting to other sites (usually porn sites), or the site just doesn't load anymore.

Sometimes it's more of a prank or just some random hacker trying to prove his skills, other times you could be held ransom to restore your website. When shit hits the fan, usually the website owners will be panicking and at a loss. Shocked and unable to restore their websites to their former glory, they may turn to their IT department, who usually specializes more in hardware than software and are unable to help.

Next they may turn to their web designer, who also usually does not focus much on web security and lack the necessary knowledge and skills to rectify the problem. They may also turn to their web-hosts to restore a previous backup (assuming there was one), this may be fine for brochure sites without frequent updates.

However, if it were an e-commerce site, or an active blog with multiple updates daily, think of the losses this could mean for you as a business or as an individual who may be relying on your website for income.

If all else fails, you may be forced to either pay a web security company to 'clean' and restore your site or if the damage was too significant, you may need to rebuild your website from the ground-up.

The first option could cost you thousands of ringgit, the latter would cost you even more as rebuilding your website from the ground-up means your business is going to have down-time. Add that to the cost of redevelopment and you are left with a huge hole in your bank account.

It is exactly this reason that has led Seraph Studios to be a web security conscious agency. As we have illustrated above, you may have a fantastic website, but if it's security is neglected, it very well could be gone in a flash.

Websites get hacked every day, it's very real, every day, we get numerous attempts by bots which try to log into the Seraph Studios back-end for God knows what reason.

Fortunately we have partnered with Astra Web Security to provide professional grade web security to your websites.

Seraph Studios - Astra Web Security

Astra Web Security has an intelligent firewall which makes sure websites are protected 24x7 throughout the year. There's also an on-demand Malware scanner which finds all malicious files in your website and clears them out.

Top Features of Astra Web Security

  • On-demand Machine Learning powered malware scanner
  • Intelligent Web Application Firewall
  • Bad Bot elimination
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Prevention from Credit Card Hack, Japanese SEO spam, Redirection hack and tons of such attacks
  • Community Security

View a comprehensive list of Astra's features here.

The cost of Web Security

As we h ave an exclusive partnership with Astra, we are able to offer you professional grade website security at a discounted rate. We will take care of your website if anything happens to it, saving you the headache, heartache and possible financial pains as well.

If you currently have your website hosted elsewhere and are ready to make a change, just contact us and we'll do the rest.

If you don't have a website and are in the midst of setting up a new website, then it's best you get it right from the start and get the best in class security for your website.

Remember, it's not a matter of will your website get hacked, it's a matter of when.

Don't wait any longer, get in touch with us today to secure your website!

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Web Security conscious digital marketing agency Web Security conscious digital marketing agency

Web security is often overlooked by small business owners, bloggers and personal website owners. That is, until their websites are hacked and they start panicking. Find out how you can secure your website today with professional grade web security and be a web security conscious business.

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