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Living in the Digital Age is a blessing for most of us, especially the small businesses as it gives the little guy a fighting chance against the Goliaths in the industry. Every business needs a website today, but sadly not every business has one yet, those who resist the digital wave are destined to slowly fade into obscurity.

The digital savvy businesses with a proper website have another challenge - bringing traffic to said site. You see, a website is like a brick and mortar store, and to much popularity, no, the old adage of build it and they will come sadly does not apply to websites as much as physical shops.

Websites are virtual entities, existing in digital space, unseen by the naked eye as you stroll the streets or shop in a mall. As such, if you build it and leave it, then most certainly your website will not have much traffic.

How does one bring traffic to their website then? The fastest and easiest would be to put out ads, there are plenty of options today, ranging from search engine ads such as Google Ads to ads on social media such as Facebook Ads. You see instant results, but they disappear as soon as you stop pumping money into your ad campaign.

Budgets are always limited for any business, what more if you're a small business thriving in today's economy. As such paid ads are definitely not a long term solution.

Fret not, there's a long term and dare I say Evergreen method which is much more economical and will continue to bring results for you long after your ad budget runs out. What's this magical solution you ask? SEO and Content Marketing, but that is better left for another article, as today we will be introducing you to an SEO Tool which is able to help you achieve Evergreen success.

This tool is SEO Tester Online (STO). Now let's dive into how this tool can help you achieve success in the long term.

SEO Tester Online Functions and Features


Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - Dashboard

After logging in to SEO Tester Online, you are greeted with the Dashboard. This page summarizes the tools available to you as well as the number of credits you have left for the month.

As SEO Tester Online runs on a credit system, every SEO Spider deployed will deplete the number of pages and exports you have in total. A popular item in SEO Tester Online is the White Label reports (coming soon in June) where you can provide SEO Audit Reports to clients and prospects using your own branding.

At the bottom of the page are four boxes which describes the functions for each tool in the SEO Tester Online toolset.

That's all for the Dashboard, it's clean, and simple to understand, use of colors are pleasant and makes the UI look stylish.

Let's move on to the next tool - SEO Checker.

SEO Checker

Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - SEO Checker

The SEO Checker as described on the dashboard is as below:

The online SEO analysis tool for a web page.

Find the SEO errors and solve them to improve your positiong.

As in the description, this tool allows you to analyse the SEO of a single webpage. You can analyse your own page, or a competitor page and find out what they're doing right and improve your own SEO.


Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - SEO Checker Results

Next we look at the results pages for the SEO Checker tool. Here we have the Overview page which shows an overall SEO score as how STO sees it. The SEO score comprises of 5 main areas, namely Basic, Content, Web Performance, Mobile Performance and Social.

There's also a rendering of the checked page in both desktop and mobile views to make sure you have the correct page checked. You may also opt to download the report as a PDF document.


Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - SEO Checker Results

In the next page, we have the Basic area of the analysis. The major items analysed here are:

There are tips for each item which explains in detail what they are their purpose, best practices and how to improve and add any missing item to your web page. Scores are given based on a total of 100 points.


Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - SEO Checker Results

Next we have Content, which basically analyses the content on your page. The analysed items are as below:

This section even shows you the number of words you have on the page. Again there are detailed explanations and tips on how you can fix the issues reported in this area of the SEO analysis.


Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - SEO Checker Results

The next area in the report is Speed. How fast is your website? Why is it slow? What's the cause? You can find out from this section of the report where a number of speed hogs are listed as below:

As we can see, some usual suspects such as minification and compression are present. If you are running a WordPress website then most of these items can be fixed by installing a caching plugin. There are many FREE caching plugins for WordPress, take your pick, we're personally tried WP Fastest Cache, Cache Enabler and Autoptimize.


Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - SEO Checker Results

The last section in the report is Social. We all know the importance of social media in marketing today, as such you would want to make sure pages shared on social media are represented correctly. You can do that by entering the information and image you want to appear when someone shares your link on social media.

There are essentially two items you need to take note of here:

The report also checks if you have a social plugin installed, possibly to make it easier for visitors to share your pages and also a Facebook popularity score.

Those are all 4 areas in the report, go through each item thoroughly and very soon your website will start ranking for your targeted keywords.

SEO Spider

Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - SEO Spider

The next tool in STO is SEO Spider. Similar as the SEO Checker tool, but the SEO Spider will crawl your entire website and provide you with an overview report much the same as what SEO Checker provided.

The areas in the report are the same, as such we will not mention them again here. You can also enter your competitor's website and analyze their SEO. Who knows, you could learn a thing or two from your competitors.

Keyword Explorer

Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - Keyword Explorer

The next tool we're going to look at is the Keyword Explorer. A powerful tool which you can use to check the relevance of your intended keyword. You can also compare a few keywords against each other. The number of keywords you can compare simultaneously depends on the plan you have, which ranges from 3 to 5.

Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - Keyword Explorer Results

As seen in the above screenshot, we are comparing three keywords whereby a slew of information is presented. You can see at one glance the Search Volume for each keyword, the Difficulty to rank for, Cost per Click (CPC) for each keyword and the Competition for each keyword.

The graph below shows us the interest over time for each keyword, which can show us the trends for whatever keyword we are exploring for. We can also change the country, which is good for local SEO, as we will get the exact stats for the country selected.

There's a nifty feature where we can get Suggestions for other long tail keywords for the keywords we're exploring for now. This is a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced search engine optimizer.

SEO Editor

Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - SEO Editor

An interesting addition to the toolset of STO is the SEO Editor. It's much like a souped up word processor which tracks SEO related elements such as your Title tags, frequency of keywords used in the copy.

Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - SEO Editor

As you can see in the above screenshot, it has all the basic word processing functions as well as a right panel which displays the number of words, keywords, secondary keywords etc. This will aid you when you are writing content for your website or blog.

The downside of this tool is that it doesn't allow you to save multiple articles, and you can only save the latest copy you are working on. Once it's done you can choose to export it as a Word or PDF document. You can also import documents to the tool or use the Wizard which will guide you through.

Though not as advanced as a dedicated SEO Editing software such as WebTextTool, but it sure is a nice addition for beginners in SEO.

Copy Metrics

Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - Copy Metrics

The final tool on the list is Copy Metrics. A relatively new tool to the STO suite, you can analyze any webpage's content. It's fairly simple to use, just key in the page which you want to analyze it's copy or if you have the text you can opt to directly paste the text in the Text tab. Choose the country you want the tool to analyze for, click Analyze and the results will be shown in a while.

Seraph Studios - SEO Tester Online Review - Copy Metrics Results

Here's an example of how the results look like. The Metrics tab shows you overview information such as Text Difficulty, which is a measurement weighted with the importance of keywords used. Views Monthly, Buy Intent and some Stats which includes Reading Time, Average CPC and Total Words.

The tool also lists out the Main Topic, which essentially tells you what topic this article is most likely going to be related to by search engines based on the keywords used.

The Topic tab shows a list of Keywords, Search Volume, CPC, Keyword Density in the article and Keyword Difficulty scores. There are also quick links you can use to analyze any keyword with the Keyword Explorer and open a search page in Google.

The third tab is the Keywords tab, which also shows the list of keywords used in the article. The only difference here is that it shows how frequent each keyword appears in the article and how many words it is comprised of.

Lastly, you have the option to change the language of the UI between English and Italian.

This concludes our review of the SEO Tester Online SAAS (Software as a Service), the founders of SEO Tester Online have some new features lined-up and will be releasing new tools later down their roadmap. Checkout the SEO Tester Online roadmap.

Previously we did a comparison between the PDF report generated by SEO Tester Online and SERanking which you can checkout as well to find out how the generated report looks like.

If you'd like to get SEO Tester Online for yourself, there's an awesome Lifetime deal on Pitchground at the moment

This is a great tool if you're in the market for an SEO tool, we highly recommend you sign up for SEO Tester Online, they do offer a trial account if you would like to test it out first.

If you'd like to get SEO Tester Online for yourself, there's an awesome Lifetime deal on Pitchground at the moment, be sure to grab it as soon as possible as it is a limited time deal.

You can also learn more about SEO Copywriting to better understand the importance of SEO in Digital Marketing today.

Do share the article if you found it to be useful, until the next one.

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