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Boss Aerosystem - Magazine Ad Design

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Boss Aerosystem Sdn. Bhd.



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Boss Aerosystem Sdn. Bhd. or more commonly known as BossAero is an experienced and professional manufacturer of aerospace solutions. Having over 30 years of accumulated experience from the team, BossAero operates out of their 4-acre facility based in Penang, Malaysia. Among their process capabilities are machining, sheet metal forming and titanium forming. It was a pleasure to be approached by BossAero to design their first magazine ad, due to be published in the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) magazine. The objective of the ad is to introduce BossAero as an aerospace solution provider and highlight their capabilities. As such the design concept we took was to provide as much information as possible yet making it look neat and uncluttered. We chose to only include two paragraphs of text which briefly described who BossAero was and highlight their capabilities via highlight images and titles. Contact information available below will allow interested parties to either seek more information from the company website or make contact directly via email or phone.



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