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Maxtek Optoelectronics Ltd.



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Web Design


Maxtek Optoelectronics was set up as a conventional LED lighting manufacturer in 2008. It has since then successfully transformed itself into an au fait LED lighting solution provider by integrating cutting edge IoT technology into ordinary LED lighting and devices. As such, the design of Maxtek’s website showcases an elegant and modern look to represent it’s sleek designs and high-end technologies that lights up major cities the world over.


跟Seraph Studios 已經不是第一次合作了, 兩次的合作經驗都很好, Johnathan 對網站的設計美感很有見地, 針對客戶的要求都可以完成並且適時的提供建議, 不僅擁有技術更有審美眼光, 整個網站的建構過程中, 溝通的很順暢, 網站很順利地完成了, 如果下次再有需要相關的服務, 一定會再找Seraph Studios.

Rebecca Weng
Marketing Director, Maxtek Optoelectronics Ltd.

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